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IPTV On VLC | How to Setup IPTV On VLC Media Player Tutorial [Easiest]

Open m3u file with VLC, Press CTRL + L for playlist.

VLC Media Player Overview:

VLC is a multi media player owned by VideoLan company. The software is available free for Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms and got very good reviews. They’ve really good reviews about their service and having exiting features. This support .ts file extention/link extention for IPTV and also support VOD which are available via IPTV providers.

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) Overview:

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV, is a new revolution to the television field. As its name is IP – TV, means you can watch TV via your Internet. You can also call it as an upgrade to exiting Cable or Satellite TV (only if you got fast internet). The service is mostly provided by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to service this extra service to their existing subscriber by paying bit more for IPTV. The IPTV thing is supportive for all types of devices/OS like Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu + many more. Their stores are full with IPTV applications and now a days there are also pre-installed IPTV Box available (loaded iptv boxes).

How to Setup IPTV On VLC (Windows PC):

  1. First of all, download VLC software and you must have an active m3u file.
  2. If you have link, click on it and go to downloaded m3u file location otherwise directly go the m3u file, right click and open with VLC Media Player.
  3. It will instantly open up the VLC player and start the first number channel available on your IPTV playlist.
  4. Press CTRL+L for IPTV Playlist on VLC and now double click on any available LiveTV stream or VOD and start watching it 🙂 That’s all.

Still having issues on confusions? Pls checkout the image above or watch this video tutorial:

So this was the easiest step by step tutorial guide to install IPTV on VLC Media Player. While using this method, you may get some issues. Here are some frequently asked questions answered.

Questions Answered:

Why i got error fail to open a TS file?

2 reasons of it: 1st The stream you tried to play is offline, try another random. 2nd Your ISP is blocking it, try again using any VPN may work.

Why VLC stopped working while i tried to open an m3u link?

This happened due to there was a BIG list of channels available in m3u playlist and non of them worked (due to stream down/link down or IPS blockage). Try using with any VPN may work.

Why VLC loaded few channels not all, available in m3u?

This happened due to, the list of channels/streams+VOD is more than the limit of VLC playlist. Try editing m3u file and short it (keep only you wanna watch).

How to resolve VLC channels skipping issue?

VLC is skipping streams due to streams are offline or your ISP is blocking it. Use any VPN and retry may work. Sometime channels go offline for few seconds and back again, in this situation VLC loop button(available at footer of VLC) may work.

Helping links:

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IPTV Information

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IPTV Tutorials

Edit an m3u file

Hope it helped. Thanks for reading us. Please leave comments bellow if you still need help, wanna suggest something, got an idea or have a complaint. THANKS AGAIN!

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