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Editing An M3U File | Customize IPTV Playlist LiveTV & VOD

Open m3u file with notepad ++ remove unwanted streams > save > use!

Editing An M3U File | Customize IPTV Playlist On Windows:

Editing an m3u file is important for the user who want to watch only their of a few countries except all others. As now a days every IPTV provider is offering thousands of Live TV and VOD streams. Many apps don’t support groups and in this condition, a BIG list of channels looks confusing. List of group supported IPTV Apps.

The solution of this too big IPTV channels list or VOD streams list is to edit your IPTV Playlist yourself and make it as you want. We have a solution that makes it very simple, REALLY VERY SIMPLE.

Requirements To Edit IPTV Playlist:

To edit an m3u file you must have following things.

Must remember:

We are editing an m3u_plus file (m3u with options), this file contains groups of countries in it. If you have simple m3u file, you can get with options file by changing m3u to m3u_plus in the m3u URL provided by your provider,.

Editing/Customizing An M3U FILE:

As we will be customizing an m3u file, you must have an offline m3u file, to get file click on your provided m3u file from your iptv service provider. Follow the steps bellow to do so:

Copy the original m3u file 3 times 1 as backup (keep it safe) and 2 for this process. Like this:

copying original m3u files
copying original m3u files

Open both m3u files with notepad++ : Like this:

edit m3u file with notepad++
edit m3u file with notepad++


Now from 1st copy of m3u file, copy your favorite LiveTV and VOD streams to the 2nd copy of m3u. Remember to start copy from #EXTINF:-1 to Digit IDs and for VOD copy till extension like .mp4, .mkv, .avi Like this:

choose the favorite live tv and vod streams
choosing the favorite live tv and vod streams

It will look like this after copying the streams we only need;

After Copying Streams We need
After Copying Streams We need

Now you can save it and you will see the only streams you copied will be shown in the IPTV App including groups, it will look like this on VLC:

Edited M3u File Showing On VLC
Edited M3u File Showing On VLC

If you want to make changes to stream group, For example if group name is Country1,  simply change the Country1 to CountryX: sample group-title=”Country1” to group-title=”CountryX” and save it. It will also show the new updated name on the App. List Of Best IPTV Boxes 2019

changing group name in m3u file

You can also change channel name by only replacing old name to new one and save it. There many helping tools in notepad++ which make many time saving things like If from 200 streams you wanna change group name from MyCountry to HisCountry simply press CTRL+F from above tab options click on Replace at the field of Fine What: MyCountry and On Replace with: HisCountry and Press Relace All button available at right side of options. It will replace old text to new one.
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If you need any type of more help or having questions, comment bellow and get quick answer. Thanks for reading. Please share it to help us writing more for you!

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