Getting Netflix Student Discount 2020 [Effective Guide]

No, Netflix isn't offer any discount for students ATM !

Netflix student discountBeing a student, can ask for everything cheaper is a general need. There are many tensions of classes, courses, exams etc but to stay harder in this hard routine Entertainment (IPTV) is a boost to your life. Let’s boost it up!

The Netflix is a legal Live stream provider, having a BIG list of movies, series, shows and much much more. You can watch it everywhere any device that support live tv streaming. They support almost all devices including PCs, mobiles, Xbox, Android, tablets, gaming consoles, IPTV boxes and other built-in with entertainment devices like Roku, Smart TV, satellite receivers, Android IPTV boxes and many more…

Question is does Netflix account offers discount for students?

The quick answer is NO. They never offer student package. Every big company offers discounts for the students community to support and make them easily access to paid services without money tensions but it hurts when you listen that Netflix the popular entertainment company don’t offer discount for students!

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But wait, you can get best alternatives offering discounts for students!

  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • HBO

Amazon Discounts for students:

Amazon Prime for students

Amazon is a billion dollars company offering streaming services with reasonable prices and the best part is they offer discounts (special offers) for students. You’ll love that.

Amazon students 6 months free trial – GRAB NOW

Amazon Prime is biggest entertainment company having unlimited entertainment in all boxes of categories. You’ll get access to any type of content you want. They’ve support to many devices you have. Like other all companies they also have software and pre installed apps into entertainment boxes and other devices.

Hulu for students (using spotify):

Hulu for students

Hulu is very kind with students, offering almost 50% OFF on subscriptions 🙂 NOT JOKING. You can also renew this subscription every year 3 times  😉 Yeah!

For normal users they also offer free trials to their services.

Hulu Students Discount – GRAB NOW

Open only to higher education students who haven’t already tried Premium. Expires Jun 30, 2019. Terms apply.

Hulu also support as many devices as other competitor have, so every device you have can get Hulu installed and enjoy your favorite shows anywhere in the world.

HBO NOW for students:


HBO has become more famous after Game of Thrones started in 2011 and still running. It also have many bunch of categories in streaming services with support to many popular devices and boxes.

Access HBO NOW discounted prices with University plan

Individual students can’t get new discounts but still keep paying discounted rate of 9.99$, if payment failed 1 time service will be cancelled. You can only get this subscription with your collage or university account.

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Netflix Students Discount

Final Words!

Affording Netflix for a student is hard now a days to keep paying dollars just for few hrs of streaming. We’ll suggest you to go with the best offered company Amazon Prime so you can access to all entertainment streaming without any issue and best prices ever!

We tried our best to cover best alternatives,  hope you liked it. If you got any suggestion or question feel free to comment bellow.

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