5 Best IPTV Apps (APK) for Android and iOS 2019:

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the latest update to television industry. We always need an application (software) to watch/stream IPTV channels. We have collected a list of some Top 5 IPTV applications for both Android and iOS. Hope you’ll like the list.

Best IPTV APK (Apps) for Android 2019:


Rank Name Download Link Pricing
1 IPTV Smarters Playstore | APK Free
2 Kodi Playstore | APK Free
3 Perfect Player Playstore | APK Free
4 IPTV Playstore | APK Free
5 GSE SMART IPTV Playstore | APK Free

Install these Android Apps on your device and experience the best user friendly Internet Protocol TV channels. All these apps are free to use.

Best IPTV Apps for iOS 2019:

Rank Name Download Link Pricing
1 IPTV Smarters App Store Free
2 Lazy IPTV App Store Free
3 Flex IPTV App Store Free
4 GSE IPTV Pro App Store Paid
5 GSE SMART IPTV App Store Free

These were some most popular recommended and good review IPTV Apps for Android and App store for iOS. These apps are free and having best features including TV catchup (recording) and EPG (electronic program guide) support. They’ve best user friendly interface. Just install them and start using on your devices.


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